About me.

I'm not much of a writer and it's always difficult to write about yourself, so this will be brief. If i have not said something you think i should contact me.

Alen Pokos

My name is Alen. I was born on 22th October 1985 in Varazdin , Croatia.

I'm a Information systems student at FOI. My high-school education: Electro Enginier high-school, Varazdin. Finished it with profession title : Computer technician.

I have Facebook profile, Google Plus profile and also Twitter profile (yes, i do not tweet, not yet).
If you are interested in my formal work record visit my LinkedIn profile.

About this site

Everything on this site is done by me ( design, content ) and coded by hand ( cms, front-end, html/css ). Site is using customized version of cms build on my MVC architecture based framework.