Hello! My name is Alen and I'm 27 years old web developer and programmer with great interests in web, internet and informatics. I like a good challenge, like keeping things simple and make the most of opportunities for improvement. Read more about me in About section, take a look at my Portfolio or feel free to Contact me.

About me

Alen Pokos

Little about me has already been said in the text above and you can read more in About section.
This web site is my personal homepage and showcase.

Hobby projects and work

I'm working on some personal projects, also experimenting with Linux web server configurations and security, PHP, design patterns, Google maps and social networks and services API-s ( facebook, youtube ... ) and in freetime :) i'm working on my Android application development skills.

Working on ...

I'm currently working on treat for all cycling enthusiasts in cooperation with Ruralni tandem association that will be comming out as beta in weeks to come. More info soon ...